Confessions of a Motorcycle Riding Church Planter

by Allen ‘Speedy’ Briggs

Starting the seeds.
I moved to Holdenville almost five years ago and was going to First Baptist Church. I had moved here from Wichita Falls where I had led worship in a biker church. Most people knew I ride a motorcycle so many of the friendships I made were with other riders. Several of my friends expressed an interest in ministering to the multitude of motorcycle riders in our community so my family along with three others started meeting for Bible study and prayer once a week.

Pastor Speedy Briggs and his family planted a motorcycle church in Holdenville

Pastor Speedy Briggs and his family planted a motorcycle church in Holdenville

We invited others to join us and occasionally someone new would join but, after nearly a year, it was still just the four families. As we began to look into ways to minister outside our Bible study, I contacted our Director of Missions, Tim Green and very quickly the discussion turned to planting a church.

The following Monday night, I met with Tim and three other pastors who had recently started a cowboy church in another town. We talked about planting a biker church and I was getting pretty strong inclinations that this was the direction God was wanting me to go. The biggest question was whether I was willing to become a pastor because there was nobody else to step into that role.

“…the Master does nothing without first telling His prophets the whole story…”
I have led worship in church for years but I had a reputation for saying some really stupid stuff when I tried to introduce a song. My kids most often would tell me “you need to shut up and sing,” and now I may be the pastor. Then, on a Sunday morning as we were moving from Wichita Falls to Holdenville, we stopped in Duncan for church at Freedom Biker Church. After the service I visited with the pastor, Billy Morgan. When I told him I was feeling the need to minister to the bikers in Holdenville, he looked straight at my wife and said, “so, how do you feel about being a pastor’s wife?” Since neither of us had even considered that, we both nearly threw up. Now I see Billy is a prophet.

On Wednesday, after dinner, Bro. Tim called me at school and told me that a Basic Training for Church Planters was Friday in Oklahoma City and the next thing I knew I was attending. I wasn’t even sure I was a church planter but there I was planning the church start.

Freedom Crossroads Biker Church meets at a used car dealership in Holdenville

Freedom Crossroads Biker Church meets at a used car dealership in Holdenville

As I met with the others in our Bible study, two of the couples were involved in churches and weren’t interested in leaving. That left us and one couple. We found an upper loft at a used car dealership and began setting up. This month, on July 26, we will celebrate our second anniversary as Freedom Crossroads Biker Church.

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding.
I am far from being an expert on any part of church planting but I have learned a few things that have definitely made a difference in the success or failure of our church. I want to share some of them to maybe encourage someone who is just starting out.

1. Long before you can become an expert in planting a church you have to become an expert in trusting God.
2. The best training I have gotten came when almost nobody showed up.
3. If God leads you to do something, do it no matter how big of a flop it may appear to be until God says stop. Sometimes God uses what I see as failure to work His greatest successes.
4. Flexibility is a fruit of the Spirit. Especially if it is achieved with joy in your heart.
5. Never waste a relationship.
6. Always preach to yourself as the greatest sinner and let everyone else listen in.
7. Don’t look at numbers for success.

iiiCon Dios, todo es posible!!!

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