The ABC’s of South Canadian Baptist Association of Churches

The ABC’s of South Canadian Baptist Association of Churches (

Missions giving is one of the greatest privileges of walking with Christ; however we must be not only cheerful givers but we must also be careful givers. I’d like to share with you some of what happens when your Church writes a check to SCBAOC each month:


Associational Children’s Camp. Because you give, the largest Children’s Camp on the planet goes on each year in late May/early June.  From humble beginnings, ACC has grown to 2 camps with a total attendance of almost 8000.  In 2017, there were 640 salvations and 968 total decisions.  Your Association, working with 14 others, actually rents Falls Creek to put on this camp.  It is a pure Associational Camp.  Your DOM was privileged to serve as the CFO and Business Manager for ACC for 18 years and is now the Assistant Director.


Baptist Collegiate Ministries. You employ Geoff Wood and Gary Canfield as Co-Directors of the BCM Ministry at SSC. These directors along with student leaders meet and minister to a new set of students each semester at SSC.  The goal is evangelism, discipleship and equipping in an environment that is not generally friendly toward or supportive of NT Christianity!


Coaching/Discipling. SCBAOC provides opportunities for coaching, mentoring and discipling of ministers and members of SCBAOC Churches. This ministry is contextualized for each person but regularly offered courses include:

  1. Homiletics
  2. Leadership 101
  3. Pastoral Ministry


Equipping/Facilitating. In the New Testament, Churches worked together for Kingdom Purposes.  No part of that model has changed.  The Lord is not willing that any should perish.  There are 40,000 persons in Seminole/Hughes counties and US Census indicates that approximately 32,000 of them are lost.  You are not alone in your work!


Gentle. The DOM is a conflict resolution specialist for Churches.  This ministry is based on Proverbs 15.1 which says, “A gentle answer turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs up wrath.”  Conflict is neither good nor bad; it is either managed or mismanaged.  Conflict can be a stepping stone to effective ministry through restored relationships with God and others.  The best time to stop hurtful conflict is before it starts by embarking on a plan to pursue purpose…….


Helps. The DOM is called upon to assist Churches in a variety of setting with a variety of questions.  Based on those needs, the DOM must have received training and/or be cognizant of persons/resources who can assist the Churches with their stated need in a RELEVANT way.  Some of the most requested needs are as follows:

  1. Search Committee assistance.
  2. Financial/Legal/Tax resourcing to assist Churches in compliance with state/federal regulations.
    • Tax Seminar information. SCBAOC maintains a significant consulting practice for Churches in this area as well as up to date resources for distribution free to the SCBAOC Churches.
    • Tax Preparation. SCBAOC employees are not certified tax preparers but regularly assist Churches with 941 and 1099 and other form preparations and submissions.
    • Incorporation and Worker’s Compensation. Churches face significant legal issues if they are not incorporated and/or if they do not have Worker’s Compensation Insurance (required in Oklahoma).The DOM/Ministry Assistant regularly consult with Churches and assist them to be complaint.


Interim Preacher/Pastor. Your DOM is an Interim Preacher (supply) and/or Interim Pastor (for up to two months).  The current DOM has been certified as a Transitional Pastor and an Intentional Interim.


Join a Church. Your DOM is a church member just like you are.


Kingdom work. God is at work all around us and all around the world.  We are constantly seeking opportunities to express our obedience by joining Him in His work and Churches working TOGETHER!


Leadership. In most Churches, if there is conflict between the Church and the staff, it is more related to Leadership than theology.  The DOM provides Leadership Training for all Church Staff/Members who desire it.


Ministry Assistant/Treasurer.  You support this position who not only administers financial/legal obligations for the Association, but who also assists Churches with an amazing variety of help from Tax info to ACP Assistance and much more.


Next Leaders. The DOM and Ministry Assistant Treasurer are taking defined and regular steps to make things better for their successors.


Oklahoma Association of Directors of Missions (OKADOM). OKADOM was established to provide Fellowship, Information and Training for DOM’s in Oklahoma.  The current DOM is the Secretary/Treasurer of OKADOM and the only permanent member of the OKADOM Executive Committee. As such, he maintains all financial and business records for OKADOM as well as providing leadership for the New/Potential DOM Training offered annually as well as providing leadership development and planning responsibility for the bi-annual OKADOM Retreats. Additionally the current DOM has written several documents for OKADOM including a Manual for New DOM’s.  The current DOM also maintains the OKADOM website.


Pre-marital and other non-professional counseling. The current DOM is a certified Prepare-Enrich pre-marital counseling facilitator.  Additionally, he provides training and resources for Pastors/Ministers to assist them in pre-marital counseling.  The current DOM also provides non-professional counseling to Pastors/Ministers in confidential matters including but not limited to:

  • Pornography addiction recovery
  • Church Conflict/Relationship rebuilding
  • Marriage counseling
  • Financial counseling


Quick Response. The DOM of SCBAOC must be able to respond quickly to needs voiced by Churches and/or Pastors/Ministers.  As such a cell phone is required and the DOM is available for during and after-hours phone calls, text messaging, emails as well as FB, Twitter and Instagram messages.  (The current DOM is admittedly a bit groggy and even grumpy between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.)


Revival. The DOM must be gospel-centric in all aspects of Ministry.  The Purpose of SCBAOC is to Serve, Strengthen and Start Churches.  This unfolds as Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting.  The DOM’s work consists of keeping himself, the Association staff, BCM Staff, Pastors/Ministers and Churches focused on these three things and continue to pray for revival which is defined as the sovereign act of God, in which He restores His own backsliding people to repentance, faith and obedience.


Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures. The current DOM has written the SCBAOC Policy/Procedure on Sexual Misconduct and has attended workshops on the subject and is available to Churches to assist them in crafting their own Policies/Procedures on this subject.


Technology. The DOM is available to assist all SCBAOC Churches with technology questions.


Updated Training. It shall be the responsibility of the DOM in consult with the Leadership Team when necessary to schedule all necessary training and conferencing necessary for the Associational Office staff to remain a level of professional expertise in necessary ministry areas. (ACP, Financial Recordkeeping and Reporting, Federal and State regulations regarding the operation of non-profits, etc).


Visiting Churches/Accountability. The DOM shall maintain a schedule by which he can visit each Church in SCBAOC at least 3-4 times per year.  Further, he shall maintain activity and professional expense accountability reporting to the Leadership Team.


Website. The DOM shall be responsible to maintain or cause to be maintained a website for the South Canadian Baptist Association of Churches.


X, Y, Zà Final Thoughts: The current DOM was called on October 28, 1998 at the Annual Meeting of the South Canadian Baptist Association and began serving on January 2, 1999.  As of this date, he is in his 19th year of service. Recently, he and his wife established Heart of Marriage Everlasting, a ministry designed to enhance Christian Marriage in Oklahoma. The above info is a brief snapshot of the missional work of the South Canadian Baptist Association of Churches.  We are honored to work and serve the Kingdom with YOU!


Respectfully Submitted


Tim Green, Associational Missionary

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